About Us

Tyrer Engineering… Where It All Began

When Stuart was in Year 11, he was approached by the owner of a local engineering firm about undertaking an apprenticeship.

Keen to leave school and commence employment, Stuart accepted this offer thus starting his now 16+ year career in the steel fabrication industry.

With his incredible eye for detail, strong work ethic and acceptance of nothing less than excellence, Stuart was a keen student and worker.

Following completion of his four year apprenticeship, Stuart felt it was time to make the break and start his own steel fabrication business.

Tyrer Engineering 1999




Tyrer Engineering opened its door on 1st July 1999 as a one man operation with minimal tools, an open mind and a keen work ethic, eager to fulfill the needs of local customers.





Tyrer Engineering Colac Victoria 2012




Today, Tyrer Engineering has a staff of eight and has moved location having outgrown its original premises.